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Random images from the last couple of months.

MFSC 7161MD's post wash at approx. a year of wear.

Antwerp Central Station, might as well be a spaceship docking bay.

Herman Miller Eames LCM, scratched up by years and years of use, it's wear sped up by exposed back pocket rivets and cinch buckles.

MFSC 7163's post wash, also at approx. a year of wear.

Encountered this perfectly ratty looking WWII Jeep on my way to the office one day, next day it was gone.

Anonymous stool in the lovely country house on Mallorca where Miss Duck and I spent New Years.

Cloth patch on my Rigid LVC 333's.
(Note that as these are a sample, the stamped size is incorrect.)

This charming box with six Bakelite frames was recently given to me by a friend of my parents.
She had inherited them from her uncle, who was an optician, and she thought it most likely that they were from the 30's-40's.

While not in the best shape anymore, they are all quite wonky, one is missing an arm and the 3rd one from the top in the picture above seems to have warped completely.
I might still try to get one of them back in shape and fitted with prescription lenses.
The remaining ones will make for a very charming little collection.

While on a treasure hunt I found this pocket sized "replica" of the Fall & Winter 1894-95 Catalog & Buyers guide for Montgomery Ward & Co.
It seems that reprinting these catalogs was a bit of a thing during the 70's as the Sears, Roebuck one I found a while ago is also from that period.

Like Sears, Montgomery Ward basically sold EVERYTHING back in the day!
Whether you were looking for Zieglers' Castrating Knife ($2.00) or Troy's Hand Cylinder or Washing Machine ($43.75), or perhaps Mens Rubber Leggings (long, black luster $0.78) or Goodyear Extra Heavy Rubber Dressing Combs ($2.10 per doz.) they had you covered!
Interesting to note though, is that the riveted duck or denim waist overalls that must've been getting more and more popular over in the West, clearly hadn't made it to the Windy City yet, as they are nowhere to be found in the catalog.

Below some catalog spreads:

As promised a while ago, some pictures of my favorites out of the small batch of vintage brass buttons I found.
I decided to replace the buttons that were already on the Shore Jacket (which were also vintage, just a little more uniform).
It's interesting to see how something as simple as switching already beat up looking buttons to an even more aged and random looking assortment totally changes the look of the jacket.
To be fair the whole jacket has also gotten a lot grimier overall, which probably contributes to it looking less "bright & shiny".

The button on the left is probably the most random out of the bunch, it reads "Legion Etrangere", which is indeed The French Foreign Legion.
The one on the right is of roughly the same design, but a different material and more beat up. It reads "Garde Nationale", National Guard.

Both this anchor and ordnance button look like they've been on the bottom of the ocean for ages.

This one is also quite odd.
While it is impossible to make out on this picture and also quite hard in person, it reads "Sapeurs Pompiers" which is the fire brigade.
I can easily picture a deep black fireman's coat with these bright white buttons on it.
What is interesting is the way the top is coated with a fairly thick layer of what most resembles white paint or even plaster.
It is very rough, and looks almost home done. I have never seen this kind of coating before and I'd like to find out what the story is behind it.
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