These are a 32, my first 7161's were a 34, and my 7163's a 33. (I generally take 32 in jeans)
I opted for a 32 in these as I figured if I was going to wear the same cut as I've already been wearing for a year, I might as well switch the size up.
It shows that these don't have to be worn loose for a "workwear" fit but also look good slim, note that the way these are cut makes for a very fitted top block, no hipflare whatsoever.

Soaked for about an hour in the hottest water from the tap, and hung dry overnight.
I had to take out the top stitched cuff as I needed the length.

Some raw pics:

Added backpockets

Horse hide A-2 type side pocket, most useful thing ever

Custom waistband markings

Modified label sewn over regular label, hand dated

inside size tag

black buttons and custom inner anchor stencil

lower left leg inside name patch, hand stenciled and marked for me